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River Access Enhancement

Jul 2019


Funds secured from Loughs Agency to enhance access on/to the river Roe.

Roe Angling Ltd. has secured limited funds from Loughs Agency to enhance access on/to the river. Three additional bridges will be installed on drains to facilitate access along the banks. Contractors have been engaged by Loughs Agency to carry out this work.  We hope to be able to access this source of income on an annual basis.

In addition to this, plans have been submitted to Loughs Agency for more substantial works along the river. Most of this will be directed to improving habitat. We are awaiting confirmation from Loughs Agency on this project.

A database of junior members is being compiled in order to provide training opportunities for our younger members facilitated by Mr Don McCloskey, Loughs Agency. Our younger members are the future of our club and we wish to support them in every way.