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Sea Trout Tagging

Apr 2023


Loughs Agency is currently collecting sea trout smolts for tagging below the counter in Limavady. This operation will continue over a period of time so that the scientists can get a clearer picture of where our fish go when they leave the river. Information gathered last year has produced some interesting results. Although most of the sea trout stay close to the coast, with some entering neighbouring rivers, two of our smolts were recorded passing the main array of monitors which stretches between Malin Head and Islay. I believe that no smolts from the other rivers involved were recorded so far from their native streams.

This year the club has contributed twenty tags to the programme, part of the SeaMonitor project, which is included in the Marine Management Plan for Atlantic Salmon in the Foyle. This will be going out for public consultation later this year. I will post an update and a link when it is in the public domain.